Welcome to the Blackmore International Music Academy!


Since more than four years it is our task to accompany talented young musicians on their way to a successful future. We educate and support gifted students. An increasing number of outstanding musicians and international well-known professors introduce personality and knowledge to the next generations of highly skilled musicians.


Blackmore International Music Academy offers both – to perform private studies or to combine it with an official approved degree program in  collaboration with the Kalaidos Swiss Music High School. The sphere of musical influence expands more and more with international top musicians and professors who perform masterclasses in Berlin and Vienna.


We have created musical competitions like DEBUT BERLIN and DEBUT HAMBURG and numerous international instrumental competitions to support young musicians on their way to leading positions as members of international orchestras.


Our numerous concerts give the opportunity to young musicians to practice in public and to develop their musical skills.


We´re looking forward to you!


The “Blackmore International Music Academy” in Berlin promotes young musicians and offers training for soloists, chamber and orchestral musicians on their professional steps towards achieving public recognition. The Academy offers an experience that is at once intimate and intense, highly personalized, and deeply collaborative by drawing highly skilled music tutors and educators with international pedagogic and orchestral performance experiences.

  • Promotion of young musicians.
  • Intensive music tutoring and audition training.
  • Preparation for competitions and entrance examinations.
  • Master classes with guest world famous classic artists.
  • Student visa for foreign students


Prof. Wilfried Strehle, Artistic Director

Dylan Blackmore, Founder and Director