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Blackmore International Music Academy – Towards your success

Within three years Blackmore IMA has developed to a well-known academy with worldwide reputation for masterclasses, competitions and concerts. The founders Dylan Blackmore and Professor Wilfried Strehle came together with famous artists with international reputation. The first aim is to educate the next generations of young musicians on their way to the future – BIMA intends to share experience, to mediate interpretation and to communicate knowledge to the next generation of young artists.

Master Classes

In the first row of our activities are the masterclasses. Special moments when outstanding artists come to share knowledge and interpretation. We are proud to have Nikolai Lugansky, Zakhar Bron, Viktor Tretiakov, Dmitry Bashkirov, David Geringas, Daniel Müller-Schott, Guy Braunstein, Wolfgang Immanuel Schmidt and many others with us and were looking forward to Nikolai Demidenko, Gustav Rivinius, Boris Garlitsky, Viviane Hagner, Sergey Krylov and many others. They have created and will create an inspiring atmosphere with respect to the individual skills and artistry. Join us for a creative dialogue and outstanding artists from all over the world!


Today competitions are – at the right time of education – an important part of musical development. Highly skilled students can reflect their position in an international environment and find their place in the increasing world of music.

Blackmore International Music Academy has founded the international competitions DEBUT BERLIN, DEBUT HAMBURG and INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION VIENNA – BERLIN as a basis for young musicians from all over the world to share experience and compare with each other.

Cooperation and Degrees

The excellent cooperation with the swiss Academy Kalaidos enables us to offer examinations for acknowledged degrees as Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts and Specialized Master of Arts with all minor subjects. These studies are connected to ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). As a result of this we can offer exclusively – after being educated by excellent musicians – to graduate with Blackmore International Music Academy and surmount musical education.


Listening to music is a pleasure. To listen to the musical grown up of young musicians and finding out how music was made is an experience. “Blackmore´s – Berlins Musikzimmer” and “Società Dante Alighieri” Vienna are perfect locations for any kind of music and musical studies. All kinds of concerts, instructions and exercises can take place here. Final concerts of masterclasses happen here as well as concerts of international guest stars. For our young musicians it is an excellent opportunity to play music with and for their idols and prepare to their future duties.

Place of Study

Blackmore’s Musikzimmer in Berlin, Germany.

Languages   Tuition is offered in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Russian. The Academy also offers consultation and advice for introductory orientation.

Academic Year

Wintersemester</strong >   15 October – 15 April
Summersemester   15 April – 15 October

Course program   We offer instrumental tutoring in violin, viola, cello, piano and conducting with compulsory engagements in chamber music training, general piano studies (for string players) and music theory. The Academy offers students up to four public appearances with piano accompaniment, as well as with chamber and symphony orchestras per semester. The Academy also offers advice for further career development.

Preparatory course   The preparatory course at the Academy focuses on training for the young musicians and their preparation for future career in music. It involves performance exams at the music high school and participation in the international music competitions.

Undergraduate Course   The undergraduate course offers an opportunity for intense instrumental and chamber  music tuition, and helps to develop participant’s technical and artistic skills by expanding the concert stage experience. On the successful completion of the final exam, participants awarded the “Blackmore International Music Academy” Certificate of Study.

Postgraduate studies (Master Class Course)   The Master Class program is targeted primarily at students and graduates of music colleges who want to continue their education in postgraduate studies. They are trained for concert performances, international music competitions and orchestral auditions.

Additional Postgraduate Studies   In addition to the participants’ general studies at the music college, those interested could also be prepared by “Blackmore International Music Academy” for orchestral auditions, concerts, examinations and music contests.

General music tuition (if required) is offered to broaden the instrumental studies. Theory lessons include music history, ear training, harmony and form analysis.

On the successful academic achievement, participants are awarded the “Blackmore International Music Academy” Certificate.

Period of Study

Preparatory Course must be complete by participant reaching the age of eighteen.

Undergraduate Course lasts over three years (six semesters) and concludes with a public recital.

Postgraduate Course lasts two years (four semesters) and completes with the final recital that must be a public performance.

Registration for the entrance exam   The registration form (PDF) can be downloaded to be filled in and send to Academy. For any queries, do not hesitate to contact us. The entrance exam will take place after free trial lesson at the start of the semester or after the consultation with the  administration. On the passing of the entrance exam, the student will receive a legal financial agreement between the two parties.

Master-classes with Classical Music Stars   The Academy regularly works with renowned classical music stars by offering instrumental master-classes. The diploma and, depending on the participant’s performance level and achievement – recommendation letter are issued on completion of the master-class. The masterclasses costs are reduced by 20% for the students of the Academy.

Tuition fees per semester   Semester fee includes:

weekly instrumental lessons (90 min. or twice per week 45 min. only in the Preparatory Course)
at least two individual lessons with world-renowned classical music stars
chamber music tuition
orchestral audition training
general piano (weekly 45 min.)
career advice and support
up to four public appearances with piano accompaniment, chamber and symphony orchestras.

General Music Subjects    Additional fee: € 400 (60 min. weekly)

Ear training
Form Analysis
Music history

Other services

Academy Concerts
Charity Concerts
Master training courses
Lectures and Discussions
Advice on purchase or loan of valuable musical instruments
Music Library
Cooperation with third party institutions and grant-giving foundations

Study Regulations

1. General
The Blackmore International Music Academy Berlin, referred as BIMA, announces the opening of the Music Education Centre that features professional studios, highly qualified teachers and private instructions for all ages and levels. To recognize and promote the young artistic talent particularly for emerging musicians is the Academy’s priority. The BIMA’s aim is to support artists of considerable talent for further development of their creative skills, ideas and potential, and to provide a comprehensive understanding of the musicianship and instrumental performance knowledge.

2. Scope
The following terms and conditions apply to the Agreement between the client or his legal representative and the BIMA.

3. Legal Rights
The legal agreement between the client and the BIMA is of private nature. Any additional changes or amendments to the contract must be negotiated in writing. If one of the terms and conditions not met, the contract will remain unaffected.

4. Offices and Tuition
The BIMA office is located in the Warmbrunner Str. 52, 14193 Berlin. The lessons are held at the “BLACKMORE’S – Berlins Musikzimmer” chamber music hall.

5. Registration
Applications must be done in writing by completion of the registration form and submitted to the BIMA office. The participant’s parent/legal guardian must acknowledge the form in order for it to be valid. Applications will be processed in the order they are received. The availability of a specific class depends on the space available in the class at the time the registration is processed.

6. Term Dates/ Holidays
The BIMA academic year corresponds with public music institutions (30-35 teaching weeks). No classes will be held during public and university holidays as outlined by the Federal State of Berlin.

7. Contract Duration
The contract is concluded for an indefinite period. Exception applies to workshops and courses that are of limited duration.

8. Probationary Period
The trial lesson is offered free of charge. In case of dismissal, no fee will be charged.

9. Termination
Once the contract is concluded as provided on these terms and conditions, any subsequent cancellation by the client or his legal representatives must be made in writing. Three-month notice is required prior to termination of the contract, e.g. for 31 March or 30 September of the year. The notice must be submitted to office administration for procession. The client’s right to cancellation will not affect the parties involved. The client’s medical reasons for not fulfilling his obligations will be taken into BIMA’s consideration.